Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ava's 3rd Birthday on a Dime

My daughter turned 3 back in November and she very much wanted a Dinosaur Birthday. What can I say I have a princess who loves dinos and robots. She watches a lot of Dinosaur train and we were lucky enough to be given som decorations from a friend who had some left over from her son's birthday.

For the food we had herbivore food (fruits and vegetables) carnivore food (dino shaped chicken nuggets) Dino claws (bugels ships) and dino print cookies (sugar cookies, in which I stomped in a dino foot right when they came out of the oven and dusted with cinammon. We had water and juice for drinks. She loved it all and I have to say we were pretty pleased with the outcome.

While we were waiting for kids to show up I had crayons and coloring pages out for everyone to color and take home with them.

We laid down some different dino tracks through out the house that the kids could follow to and from different activities (got the at Toys R' Us on clearnace).

After coloring we went to an excavation site. You could very well do this outside but she is a winter baby and it was cold so I put down a painting tarp and covered it with sand where the "fossils" were buried. Each kiddo had their own brush ($.49 small brush from walmart that I painted the handle) to use to unearth the fossils which again the got to take home. The fossils I used a corn startch based clay (recipe can be found here) I pushed some of her plastic dinos into it, used a small paint brush to dust cinammon into it and then baked it per the recipe.

Lastly we had a dino egg hunt where the kids went to find a dirt and coffee grind egg which housed a baby dino. I didn't catch a picture of this part but the recipe I used can be found here and then I used small dino's from the dollar store. The kids were able to take everything home in a small galvanited steel bucket from the dollar rack at Target which I adorned with Dino stickers from the dollar store and put "scream" cadbury eggs in there as the one piece of candy along with a lil dino puzzle game and plush triceratops from the dollar store.

This was the main table, the balloon dinos were from the dollar store, the leaves I bought three bunches and broke them apart from Wal-Mart and everything else came from my good friend. 

Everyone had a blast and the best part????(The whole thing cost me less than $100). Here are the links to some of the recipes I used. best Party ever :) She was one happy kid.