Sunday, October 25, 2009

36 week picture of me

So now that we are in the last month I might as well provide a new pic of the ever growing belly. Sometimes it looks good and sometimes not so much. It seems it depends how curled up the lil wiggle worm is.

We are pretty much set to go. Ava's bag is packed, her clothes and sheets are washed, My bag is mostly packed (just missing a few things I use every day and can't yet part with), Birth plan is done, we are pre-admitted and car seat goes in on Tuesday.
Are we ready to meet our daughter? YES!!!!!!!
Am I ready to go through the whole labor process? NO!!!!
I admit there are days I am rip roaring ready to go and then there are other days I am scared outta my socks. I think this has to be normal with the first one and once things are in action I will be fine, it's just getting to that point.
My whole pregnancy has been easy compared to others I have spoken with so I hope it continues in the labor room.

We have our next appointment this Tuesday where, again supposedly, they will finally do the tests they keep telling me about and check me for dilation. Apparently from this point on I go in every week which will be both exciting and frustrating since it is such a long drive for a five minute appointment. I will keep you all updated on the results of the tests and whether or not I am dilated.

Just as a reminder, both Vic and I have Blackberries so all hospital pictures and pictures of the baby will be up on facebook before they are on this site. So once you get the text/call/e-mail that we are going to the hospital look there for updates. Love you all!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Today's Appointment

Well, today was very disappointing to say the least. I went in and was supposed to have my strep B test and be checked for dilation but lo and behold the military strikes again. They decided they want to wait until my next appointment on 10/27. Please keep in mind I may be giving birth by then. I am so frustrated with them that I could spit but this is what close to free healthcare gets you. Trust me, it's not all it's cracked up to be.
To give you a rundown of today, I went in and got the most inpersonable, cold, stinky nurse ever. Lord she made my blood boil and my blood pressure proved it. Then of course I got the news that the tests I was going to have weren't going to happen. I literally walked out crying.
I am thankful that the pregnancy is going so well and the baby is healthy (her heart rate was still in the 150's) but I just want answers and things to happen when I am told they will.
Enough of my ranting tho, I am thankful and happy to be so blessed with such an easy going pregnancy. If my only complaint is pelvic pressure I have had it much better than most women. I am def in the countdown stage and can't wait to meet our daughter, though I wish I could avoid all those dang needles ;).

Ava's Room

I know I have been slacking but we have had so much going on. Ava's room is almost done, I just need to reframe a picture and put up two shelves. All her lil clothes and what not's are washed and waiting for her arrival. As you can see it is a room fit for a princess, the only thing that will be different is the bassinet is for downstairs, however, we cannot trust the animals until she is here! Lemme know what you all think. xoxo