Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Where has the time gone???

As I sit here I realize it's the first bit of true quiet I have had in a week and I look at a picture of Avalina and I wonder, "Where has the time gone?" Last night I had her leaned back on my legs sitting on my tummy and she just sat up completely unassisted. She is going to be 3 months old this Sunday and I simply refuse to believe my little angel is growing up. Everyday I look at her and want to pull my hair out because she desires so much attention and wants little to do with naps although she needs them but then I stop and just take in all her little babiness. Her adorable chubby cheeks, her soft skin, the fact that everytime I look at her she smiles...I don't have to do anything and she loves me unconditionally. I LOVE THAT! I love that I am her hero and I make her happy, I love snuggle time and hugs...well what we call hugs ;).
All I have to say is my baby is growing up too quickly and I don't care for it but I have cherished every day of it thus far and can't wait to see all her milestones.

Avalina's Firsts thus far:
Sat up unassiasted
Said dada, doesn't know what it means but it was her first constant/vowel combo
Smiles out of nowhere
Squeals in delight
"talks" cooing, squealing, babbling
Grasping for things and grabbing them
Held a rattle
First Cold :( but all better now :D
bearng weight on legs, she loves to "stand"

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