Monday, September 3, 2012

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Ok here we go. I am always skeptical of anything until I try it myself. I have all stainless steel kitchen appliances and a very annoying tea kettle. We have had everything (kettle included) for 5 years now and as you all know, no matter how much I cleaned, this sticky oily residue has accumulated over the years on everything.

Gross right? There are water stains, cooking stains and kids with gross hands stains. I have run this through the dishwasher, washed it but always been weary of chemical products because we ingest water from this and while I am a good cleaner I don't want to have that residue on there too. So I saw this post...Just take 1 tbs of Cream of tarter, a little bit of water and clean....

I added enough water to make it into a milky paste with the consistency of soft scrub and then applied it directly to a scratch free blue scrub pad. I them wiped it on the teapot and did have to apply some elbow grease. Once I felt I had gotten all the grease and water spots off I rinsed the pot, dried it with a paper towel and then polished it with a clean dish towel. Here are my results...

I give this a 100% 5 star rating. It's natural and amazing. Again you have to apply elbow grease if it has really built up grease and I really recommend polishing it. I also decided to try a bit of my microwave over the stove. Now I haven't polished it in these pictures but you can again see the difference!

Highly recommend for anyone who wants to be natural and chemical free or anyone who is simply tired of paying a ton of $ for all those products that promise results and don't produce. Also remember to use a no scratch sponge when using on delicate surfaces such as stainless steel. 

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