Friday, August 31, 2012

Orange and Cinnamon Boil

So this is the first Pinterest item I chose to try out mainly because I had everything on hand and my house has been too cooped up due to heat/rain.

Boiling Orange Peels or if you have a Pinterest account Boiled Orange Peels

Here is what I did...

I had some oranges that had perfect intact skins but were over the date I would eat them. I filled a small sauce pot 3/4full and peeled the oranges to put their skins in it. I also decided to squeeze half and orange worth of juice in for a more fragrant smell and added 1 tbs of cinnamon. I brought this to a boil and left on for 30 mins. Here are my findings.....

This is perfect for a small living space. My kitchen and dining room smelled wonderful but the rest of the house appeared unaffected.

Very easy and inexpensive.

You can leave and reboil the next day but I would advise no longer than that due to bacteria and possible mold issues.

I think that instead of cinnamon next time I will use cloves which just seems to mesh better together in my own opinion but I imagine you can use a variety of different spices.

Biggest disappointment is that I don't feel like my house smells heavenly but it does smell fresh in the small rooms surrounding my kitchen.

Overall rating 3.5 stars

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